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     It seems we all go through every day rushing from here to there; then there, here, over there and back again! Life is busy, often leaving not nearly enough time for the little things. Finding and sharing ideas to simplify and enrich our daily lives is the idea behind Creating Well. My intention is for this blog to become a journey of discovering creativity within oneself every day.

Creativity is a hat that finds its shape to fit any mind.

Some may proclaim not to be the ‘creative type’. My answer to that is simply: ‘I think, therefore I am’ creative. There is a level of creativity in all we do; we speak, see, move, dream and learn creatively. It is in seeking that we recognize the creative thread woven into all things.

Human kind is inherently individual, imaginative, inventive and innovative; each with his or her own unique personality. I say think outside the box, color outside the lines and find what feels good to you. Exploring begets growth; stretch the limits of your mind, you’ll likely surprise yourself!


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